About us

We are seasoned executives with a good insight into the science, technology and business arena. We deliver practical and efficient solutions to bring to the market your scientific knowledge, research outcomes, and technology innovations.

Comprehensive scope of services

We provide an utter service in the field of business development and technology transfer; from advisory and assistance for the discovery of new knowledge until its follow up after being eventually put into the market.

High technology industries

We are focused on those sectors operating with high technology and intensive knowledge, featured by the singularity of their products and their unique business dynamics.

Proper scientific methodology

We follow our own methodology drawn upon scientific research and fine-tuned thanks to our empirical experience.

Background, diligence, and work

We accumulate extensive experience in consulting, business development and technology sales, knowledge transfer, and project management.

International coverage

We deliver our portfolio of services with global mindset and international outreach of operations to get a scalable impact.

Research and resources

We hold a steady commitment to research tasks to increase our knowledge base and enhance our work practices.

Business Development

We advise with a practical approach about commercialization and business development of the innovations for their effective marketing and sales to increase the profitability of organizations committed to innovation.

Analysis of the impact in the market of the new products and return on investment to be achieved.

Advice on strategic issues and definition of business models based on innovation and knowledge.

Assistance in the implementation of plans and activities for business development, account management and going to the markets.

Leading and conducting marketing activities and sales processes for the innovations and disruptive technologies.

Creation and development of alliances, partnerships, and agreements for commercial exploitation of the innovative products.

Coordination with marketing and communication activities to reach fruitful impacts in the market.

Technology Transfer

We deliver consultancy services in the field of knowledge and technology transfer to get a quick return on the investments made in the generation of knowledge assets.

Analysis of the added value and expectations to capitalize the research outcomes and new knowledge by identifying opportunities of application and market niches.

Designing and leading comprehensive technology transfer operations.

Scouting and searching for opportunities for acquisition, merger and sell of knowledge and technology assets.

Assistance and support in the definition and conduction of programs and processes of R & D and innovation.

Advice on spotting and managing intellectual and financial capital resources for the development of innovative goods.

Support to devise and generate new knowledge and innovations ensuring a market approach.


Organisations committed to R&D, innovation, intra-entrepreneurship, diversification... activities, should look after their investments and efforts made in the development of innovative products, and struggle to maximize their chances of success.

These organizations can get expert technical advice for an appropriate selection of high-risk business investment assets linked to knowledge and innovation, as well as, receiving support for their monitoring and controlling.
Startups and scaleups are mighty vehicles for knowledge transfer and commercial channelling of innovations to the markets, thus seasoned support will let them be sustainable and profitable in a more agile way.
These organisations produce scientific knowledge and disruptive innovation, and this role must be strengthened and guided by experts who support them to bring their research results to the markets through transfer operations and other entrepreneurship strategies (spinoffs, spinouts ...).
The institutions which foster economic and social development require guidance to be more effective in defining their policies and implementing their programs to support innovation and entrepreneurship.

Case studies

TechTransfer Strategy

We carried out a research study to disclose the key strategic factors improving technology transfer operations for the high technology clusters sited a region of the country.

Partnership Strategy

For the innovation department of an industrial corporation we analyzed the business impact and return on investment of the membership application for an international consortium of high technology.

Business Development Strategy

We developed a technology transfer and business development plan for a new technology-based company spun out from an industrial corporation.

Product Launching Plan

For a startup company we outlined a detailed working plan for the business launching of a new high-tech product in an emerging and rapid growth market.

Business Operations Assistance

For a scaleup company we supported business development and customer acquisition operations under a hands-on approach.


We analyzed the factors that moderate the success of a knowledge transfer operation for a high technology company.

We empirically studied the way high-tech organizations carry out technology transfer processes and the key enablers influencing the results.

We defined a holistic model to depict knowledge transfer phenomenon and its link to business management.


We disclosed the extent of correlation between best technology transfer practices and business performance indicators within a sample of high technology companies.

We revealed the existing synergy between the factors influencing inter-organizational and intra-organizational technology transfer.


SciSynergy is a company based in Madrid (SPAIN), and Biscay (Basque Country, SPAIN). You can reach out to us by the following contact form or sending an email to: